SciberDiverLogo.gifSciberdiver aims to add value to and support the implementation of the Science curriculum.

Sciberdiver is a web portal containing a repository of the best science websites, specially selected to closely match the learning objectives in the Primary and Lower Secondary science syllabuses. The range of e-resources includes simulations, text, images, videos, games, quizzes and lesson plans.

Sciberdiver is dedicated to provide fast and easy links to the best science websites online. The featured websites, which have been specially selected (by teachers) and peer reviewed (by scientists), are mapped as closely as possible onto the Themes and Topics covered in the 2008 science syllabus.

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Students should be able to use each Sciberdiver results page on their own without the need for teacher assistance. Each Topic that students explore has "5 Top" web resources to work through. Before accessing an external website the student reads a short description about how to use the selected website in relation to the Topic they are interested in. In addition to the Top 5 websites, students can look at "Fun" websites and extra links to "Explore More" science, perhaps for the faster learners.

The Teachers' page includes the same sites as the Pupils' pages, but often has more information and other links relating to each lesson objective. Teachers can also download a spreadsheet or print the information searched for to use in class or for their own records.