sciberdiver0.gifSciberdiver was created and designed for science teachers and students from Primary 3 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 2 levels in Singapore schools. Parents will also find the website useful to learn more about the science their children are studying at school.

There are many good teaching resources available on the Internet, but teachers have little time to trawl through search engine results to find the best information. The top resources sometimes lie deep within the Internet or as part of a larger website. Using Sciberdiver saves time as the results target the exact page needed to learn about a Topic, not just a website"s homepage like other portals. The resources have been specially searched for and chosen by professionals to ensure quality and relevance to Singapore"s local science syllabuses.

The project partners believe that this resource will provide a quick, easy and reliable way for Students and Teachers alike to access the best science sites on the Internet for independent learning, revision and teaching aids. In addition, Sciberdiver is an excellent way for users to improve other skills by combining science with Internet technology.

Sciberdiver for Teachers:

  • Quality websites to use in preparing lessons
  • Finding excellent online material to show in class demonstrations
  • Use as part of a lesson to direct their pupils to suitable extension material
  • Setting a homework task using a Theme or Topic on the website
  • Directing pupils to for revision purposes
  • Leaving feedback and recommend new websites
  • An interactive map of the science curriculum
  • "Quick results" function to immediately access a specific area of the website

Sciberdiver for Pupils:

  • Quality websites to help support learning at home or in the classroom
  • Age and curriculum specific web links
  • Interesting, fun or alternative approaches to learning about a science topic
  • "Explore more" web links for faster learners
  • Topic results pages that can be used as a worksheet
  • Fun animation to watch and learn how to use the website
  • Information about the real life creatures featured on the website
  • A "Quick topics" search function to immediately access a specific result

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